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Promising Netherlands producer GANZ releases his debut Terrorhythm EP fresh from the hype of his remix of fellow label-mates Louis Futon’s ‘Shoulda Known’. Pvrple Cwtch (welsh for ‘hug’) sees GANZ reinterpreting popular bass music motif ‘Purple’ with a palette of punchy stadium drums and glossy synths, reminiscent of a certain few Scottish beatsmiths.

GANZ goes straight for the jugular with first track ‘Get One’s’, delivering a restless bassline akin to a whirring, supercharged cattle prod amidst chunky percussive whiplash and an infectious vocal hook.

Next comes ‘Purple Forest’, an electrifying, warpspeed cruise through its icy surroundings, illustrated by layers of peaking, rapturous mid-range and trilling hi-hats.

Final track ‘It’s All Good’ begins with a warm, swooning dose of sub-bass before launching into a turbulent energy surge complete with prog-rock drum fills, shimmering arp melodies and elevating vocals, resulting in a track as emotive as it is club-ready.

Printed sleeve: this release will be dispatched in a full colour, printed sleeve. All Vinylised releases will be hand-stamped & numbered

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