What is this crowd-funding thing all about?

If you love records, we want to help you get digital-only releases pressed into your favourite format, with a business model that supports labels & artists doing this without risk. Manufacturers require a minimum run or quantity of a record to be pressed. By crowd-funding, we collect pre-orders ahead of the press to ensure that the demand for that minimum run is met up front.

How does the pre-order work then?

Pre-order the release and give your payment details. If the target is reached before the closing date, the release is vinylised – mastered and pressed as a real life record you can hold in your hands.

If the target isn’t reached you will not be charged. You can avoid this sad situation by spreading the word once you’ve pre-ordered – sharing is caring and will help get the release Vinylised.

Look out for releases that have already been Vinylised – these releases have reached their target so you can buy that release safe in knowledge it is definitely going to be pressed.

Why do the records cost more on Vinylised?

Postage & packaging is included in the cost. The price of the release may be higher than mainstream records because the minimum runs are smaller and therefore the production costs are squeezed into fewer records. However, all Vinylised records are individually hand-stamped so they are rare, limited edition items.

Do I get charged when I pre-order?

No, your payment details are taken as a pre-authorisation, you are not actually charged until the closing date for the release, and only if the target it met. If the target is not met your pre-authorisation is void and you will not be charged.

What happens if the target is not met by the closing date?

If the target is not met by the closing date, you will not be charged. Check back on the site as some releases may be re-set for another pre-order period.

Will my record be sent on the closing date?

No – the closing date for pre-orders is actually just the start of the process. The release will be sent to the manufacturer to produce test presses which takes around 4 weeks. If the test presses are satisfactory, production starts, which also takes around 4 weeks. Once delivered to Vinylised, the records will be dispatched within 2 days.

Although this is a long time in an age of instant gratification, you are helping support the artist and the label to put out the music you love in your favourite format, that might otherwise only exist digitally. We like to think it will be worth the wait when you hold in your hand a slab of wax that you helped bring into the world.

How long will it take to receive my record?

From the closing date it will take 8-10 weeks for production of the records, dispatch and delivery. Delays may occur due to problems with test presses or manufacturing issues. We will keep you updated every step of the way.

What do I do if there is a problem with my order?

If you need to amend your delivery address or your record has been lost or damaged, you can contact us through the form on the Contact Us page. We will respond within 48 hours.

Can I suggest a release to be Vinylised?

Yes, please do! We have a Suggestion form. If we receive a lot of requests for the same release we will contact the label.