Echoes & Knight - System Collapse ft. Cordless

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If ever you are in need to tear the absolute roof off the gaff, whether you step up to the decks in a club or handed the aux cable in your mans whip, at least one track from this three variety EP is sure to do the job nicely. The delightfully dutty original from the dangerous dyad ‘Echoes & Knight’ erupts complete and utter chaos as pulsing mid-range nasties pulse over a bouncing 4×4 beat supported by unruly ragga vocals from Cordless. First to offer his insight on remix duties is Bristol-based bass barbarian Archive, who kicks up a right stink with a gorgeous hybrid of bass and tribal percussion that almost has an element of jungle influence in there, especially with those heavily Jamaican lyrics galloping through the naughtiness. To close the curtain on this one is a total juxtaposition from the last with a funky foot tapper from Litek. Be careful what items you have around your monitors whilst tracks from this EP are vibrating through those cones, as its not just political systems this release collapses but also whatever the speaker is surrounded by!

No printed sleeve: this release will be dispatched in plain discobag (hand-stamped & numbered)

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